By Adeline Woo

Father's Day is around the corner and though Father's Day is not as well publicized as Mother's Day, Fathers do play an extremely important role in the family be it emotionally, physically or financially.

Getting gifts for men is never easy. Unlike females, there are so many accessories and gift options to choose from one can hardly go wrong!

So here are some ideal gifts for different type of fathers that you can surely get for your Father or Husband and they will definitely appreciate.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

1) A Personalized Pen

Type of Father: Works in the office (long hours optional).

You can never go wrong with buying your Dad a pen. What's even more ideal would be a personalized pen for your Dad! So every time your dad uses the pen, he'll can't help but be reminded of his family (especially on days when he's working late in the office!).

2) Ipad Case 

Type of Father: Technology is his best friend.

Is your Dad tech savvy or constantly on his Ipad or tablet? Get him an Ipad Case/Folder/Sleeve for Father's Day! You can't get more useful and practical than that.

3) Dark Chocolates 

Type of Father: Sweet tooth, Dessert is his main course.

Dark Chocolates in moderation has been scientifically proven that it is good for the health and heart. So don't worry if you feel that getting chocolates for your dad this Father's Day is going to do him more harm than good. Just keep in mind to get him Dark Chocolates and not some fancy looking chocolate filled with more sugar filling!
4) Cuff-links 

Type of Father:  Works in the Bank, Finance Sector or meets a lot of clients.

Cuff-links may be one of the smallest thing in a man's outfit and occasionally unnoticed or overlooked. However, a cuff-link makes a difference especially when your dad is in a high profile or high positioned job meeting clients and wanting to make a good impression. Personalizing a cuff-link for your dad while still giving it a classy and formal look would be a great and ideal gift for this coming Father's Day!

5) Card holder 

Type of Father: Entrepreneur, Works in the corporate world.

Every man who has a name card usually places it in his wallet or together with his credit card holder. If you dad still don't have a credit card/card holder, it's time to get him one! It'll not only be a good gift but a useful addition to his lack of compartments.

6) Personalized Notebook


Notebooks are one of the world's greatest invention. Who doesn't use a notebook despite all the new gadgets that are entering our lives in this day and age? Get your father a personalized notebook that's creative, unique, fun and practical!

7) BBQ Steak Sauce 

Type of Father: A Chef, Home dad or a dad who loves cooking!

The ideal gift for fathers who loves cooking, and the best part, you get to eat the meal that is part of your gift!