By Adeline Woo

ABC Ice Cream Scoops ABC Ice Cream Scoops 2

Learn letters and alphabet the fun way!   This activity is great for preschoolers learning the alphabet and for differentiating between upper and lower case letters.

Parents can give them a real ice cream treat after they complete this fun exercise!

Step 1: Print out this ice cream cone and scoop template on white paper or color paper if you prefer.

Step 2: Have the kids color the cone and scoop (if you printed on white paper)

Step 3: Write upper case letters of the alphabet on the ice cream scoops using a marker.  Alternatively, use Wikki Stix!

Step 4:  Repeat Step 3 with lower case letters written on the ice cream cones

Step 5: Get the kids to start matching the ice cream scoops (Upper case letters) with the right cones (lower case letters)!

Well done! And now, the REAL ice cream treat!