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Plan A Stress Free Holiday With Kids

By Adeline Woo

The school holidays are 2 weeks away.  Are you planning a family holiday with the kids?
Here”s a few tips on how to survive a long flight if you are travelling with young ones in toll!

Try not to rely on medications to help your child go to sleep.  I usually try to look for […]

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Celebrate A Monthly Mother’s Day

By Adeline Woo

The idea of Mother’s Day was first created by Julia Ward Howe in 1870, advocated by Anna Jarvis in 1908, and officially established by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914.
Mother’s Day has since become a proud American tradition that is now observed in more than 70 countries worldwide.
In fact, according to research studies:
– Mother’s Day has the […]

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Touch Math And Counting With Wikki Stix

 By Adeline Woo
“I was an elementary school teacher searching for a better way to shepherd my students through beginning math—a self-esteem-robbing ordeal for far too many children. Then came an idea. I placed counting points on numbers to help certain students understand how a symbol represents a quantity. To my delight, it clicked! This simple […]

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Best Way To Teach Your Kids The Alphabet

By Adeline Woo

Most children begin recognizing some letters between the ages of two and three, and can identify most letters between four and five. This means that you can start teaching your child the alphabet when he's around two – but don't expect full mastery for some time. What's more, toddlers learn differently from older […]

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Five Ways To Cheer Up Your Little Ones

 By Adeline Woo

Having Monday Blues??  Just like us, our little ones may feel down and moody every once in a while.

Here are 5 tips (from real moms' experiences) to cheer up your little bundle of joy:

1. Give Your Child A Compliment

Find a way to praise or compliment your kid.  When they become […]

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Teach Your Child To Behave During House Visits

By Adeline Woo

With kids in tow, it often seems easier to socialize in a “controlled” environment such as a friend's or a relative's home.  Nonetheless, even at someone else's home, you will most probably have higher expectations of your child than in your own home.  Things can get more tricky if you're visiting friends who […]

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Ten House Keeping Tips To Make Your Lives Easier

Are you spring cleaning the house for the new year? Or just doing your routine housekeeping?
Here are 10 little tips to make your lives easier.
These low-budget tips and trick can help you organize and de-clutter space; prolong and preserve your products; or teach you something that you simply did not know before.

 Tired of […]

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Wikki Stix is in Royal Brunei Airlines!

By Adeline Woo 

Starting from 23 February 2013, our Wikki Stix mini play packs will be available in all Royal Brunei Airlines flights!
Colorful pieces of yarn that can be bent, twisted and self stick to smooth surfaces, Wikki Stix makes an excellent travel toy for children 3 years and above.  Best of all, it”s non-toxic, gluten-free […]

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Wikki Stix featured in Motherhood Magazine!

By Adeline Woo 
Wikki Stix is featured in January's issue of Motherhood magazine!
We sent some Wikki Stix samples to the folks at EPL (Eastern Publishing Pte Ltd).  They fell in love and decided to include our products in their photo shoot for their Jan 2013 “Whiz Kids Special” issue!
Their favourite?  Our award-winning Book of Wiggles, Squiggle […]

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Wikki Stix Kids Crafts Workshop

Last Saturday, we held our first kids crafts workshop at Times Learning + @ Tampines One.

To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, our theme for that day was “Christmas Fun Crafts”.

Kids of varying ages signed up for the workshop, and had a fun-filled hour creating and decorating several of the following Christmas items with Wikki Stix:

– […]

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