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Young Kids Need Arts

Young Kids Need Arts, Crafts, and Games for Learning More Than You Realize

Arts, crafts, and games are critical for early childhood learning. There’s a good reason why pre-schools are often centered around these three things, and it’s not just because the children are young. Arts and crafts help children develop motor skills, language skills, and […]

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Wikki Stix Halloween Kids Crafts Activity – Canny Creations!

Because Wikki Stix are bright, colorful, soft, bendable and sticky they’re perfect for kids craft activities. There is never a right way or wrong way to craft with Wikki Stix.

For a fun Halloween craft activity, try these Canny Creations with Glowing Eyes! Use a soup can, coffee can or any other type of can you […]

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Wikki Stix Fall Crafts for Kids!

Fall is an exciting time for kids! For both children and adults, the anticipation of cooler weather and special holidays create a longing for family togetherness. Crafting, especially through the sense of touch, evokes strong memories in children. Children will often remember making a craft long after a special holiday or season has passed.


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Make A Wikki Stix Calendar

Are your kids counting down to an event of significance? Perhaps they are waiting for the beginning or end of school, a birthday party, a family trip or a sitter’s final day. Here’s a fun and colorful idea: make a countdown calendar using Wikki Stix! Offering a visual reminder can assist children with their understanding […]

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Do up a Sahara Desert in your home!

By Adeline Woo

Have fun with your kids everyday with Wikki Stix! It’s clean, reusable and easy to play with.

Why wait for the school holidays to bring out the Wikki Stix?


free desert habitat template, cactus & animal faces template. Students can color the black and white template.
free habitat worksheet
Wikki Stix  (choose the colors you want for the animals)
construction paper
sand (optional)
shoe […]

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Clothespin Crafts For Kids

By Adeline Woo


Kids crafts activities don’t have to burn a hole in our pockets.  Especially if you can get the materials from within your house, or at affordable dollar stores in your neighborhood!

You can turn ordinary clothespins into playthings when you let your child’s imagination lead the way. Using varying sizes of Popsicle sticks and […]

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Alphabet Ice Cream

By Adeline Woo

Learn letters and alphabet the fun way!   This activity is great for preschoolers learning the alphabet and for differentiating between upper and lower case letters.

Parents can give them a real ice cream treat after they complete this fun exercise!

Step 1: Print out this ice cream cone and scoop template on white […]

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Creative Kids Convert Milk Jugs With Wikki Stix!

By Adeline Woo

Buying milk by the cartons?  Don”t throw away the empty jugs!

Recycle them and use them for kids crafts activities.

Here”s what some creative kids came up with using Wikki Stix and empty milk jugs:


A Batman cave with two jugs stuck together, back to back, and a toilet paper roll as the tunnel

A Hello Kitty […]

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Storytelling With Wikki Stix

By Adeline Woo

Wikki Stix and Storytelling

Children can use Wikki Stix for storytelling and retelling of their favorite books.  

For younger children:  create a variety of Wikki Stix summer-related items and place them in a bowl or basket.  The children can pick out items they wish to use to tell a story.  

Older children may wish to […]

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Counting Fun With Wikki Stix

By Adeline Woo

Here’s another great idea for using Wikki Stix to make learning fun!

This time, we are going to learn counting.

Materials needed:  Assorted Colors of Wikki Stix and a copy of this file for each child.

Print the file (linked above) for each child and laminate for durability.  Each page is labeled with the number word/number […]

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