By Adeline Woo

Have fun with your kids everyday with Wikki Stix! It’s clean, reusable and easy to play with.

Why wait for the school holidays to bring out the Wikki Stix?


  • free desert habitat template, cactus & animal faces template. Students can color the black and white template.
  • free habitat worksheet
  • Wikki Stix  (choose the colors you want for the animals)
  • construction paper
  • sand (optional)
  • shoe box
  • tape
  • glue
  • toothpick (optional, about 1/4 inch cut off each side for the snake’s teeth)
  • straws or cardboard to hold up cactus (optional)
  • red glitter to sprinkle on sand (optional)


  1. Set the shoebox sideways and put the lid on its side.
  2. Glue or tape the desert habitat layer template inside of the shoebox.
  3. Glue or tape construction paper on the inside of the lid and inside of the shoebox to make the desert.
  4. Color and cut out the cactus. Tape the cactus to the desert floor.  Tape a straw or cardboard behind the cacti to make it stronger. (If you choose to have a wikki stix animal on top of the cacti, this is especially helpful.)
  5. Use wikki stix to design a desert animal.
  6. Put sand on the bottom of the desert floor and sprinkle with red glitter. (optional)  You can also just use construction paper for the desert floor.

twist, roll, fold, ball

  • Twist– With at least 2 wikki stix, twist the pieces together. (You can see this technique used for the snake.)
  • Roll– Roll the wikki stix in a circular motion, as if making a cinnamon roll. (You can see this technique used for the tarantula.
  • Fold– Fold the wikki stix back and forth several times. You can layer colors, if you wish. (You can see this technique used for the mountain lion.
  • Ball – Roll the wikki stix into a ball, like a ball of yarn.  (You can see this technique used for the snake’s head.)