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 Any Way You Like It | Motherhood Magazine (Jan 2013)

 “Whether you’re a teacher working with children or just a frustrated parent looking to keep your kid seated through dinner, or even if you’re looking to bring some novelty into everyday learning for kids, Wikki Stix might just be the answer.”




Simply Her Wikki Stix Kids Crafts and Educational Toy

Bend And Twist | Simply Her Magazine (May 2013)

 “Dolls for girls and trains for boys? Fill your kids’ toy box with these gender-neutral options to expand their playtime fun instead.”




Twistable, Stickable, One-of-a-Kind Creatables | The New Age Parents (June 2012)

“Unlike crayons and other art materials, Wikki Stix is mess-free, clean and reusable. If any residue occurs, all you need is a quick wipe with a paper towel or cloth, and it’s gone!”


Twist and Paste with Wikki Stix | ParenThots (Sep 2012)

“It (Wikki Stix) helps children express their creativity, use their imagination and think out of the box.”


 Food and Drink For You, Wikki Stix For Your Kids | Indy Week (March 2012)

Most people go to Tyler’s for the beer. Some go for the food. I go for the Wikki Stix- it can really push the meal experience over the top.  A packet of Wikki Stix will entertain a preschooler long enough for his parents to finish a pint and an appetizer, something I have yet to see happen with a box of crayons and a seek-a-word puzzle.”



Best Way To Keep The Kids Happy During Dinner | Phoenix New Times 

“Some people have nightmares that they’re back in school, naked, about to fail a test. We have nightmares that we’re out to dinner with our kids. Let’s face it: Fine dining isn’t big among the toddler set. The crayons most restaurants offer are under the table by the time the chairs are pushed in. That’s why we were delighted when the hostess at P.F. Chang’s handed us a package of Wikki Stix on a recent visit.”






CraftSanity on TV | A Felted Easter Egg Craft and Wikki Stix Egg Decorating





TimeToPlay Mag | Wikki Stix Activity Set Toy Review





TimeToPlay Mag | Wikki Stix Tons of Fun Toy Review





TimeToPlay Mag | Wikki Stix Birthday Calendar Toy Review






Fox News Milwaukee | Travel & Lifestyle Experts Talks About Cool And Affordable Items






Indy TV | National Autism Awareness Month Great New Toys






 Wikki Stix Review | Stumble Abroad

“I was thrilled to not have to use glue and to let Evan play with them without worrying about him staining the sofa or table. The possibilities with Wikki Stix are endless and so is the fun.”





Craft with Wikki Stix | Chuzai Living

“It’s easy and safe to let your kids play with them because it’s made of non-toxic wax used in bubble gum and lipstick.  You can take wikki stix to a restaurant, airplane, or in a car. Wikki Stix are light enough to pack in your purse.My kids really enjoyed being crafty with Wikki Stix – all they needed to do was to stick it to the paper. No mess, no loss. It was great!”




Coolest Craft Toy in Town! | Ling In De House

“In fact I also get obsessed with this creativity toy. Each time¸ I was eager to create something out of it and let the kids to guess what I have created. WIKKI STIX definitely serves as one of the best educational toys for your children.”



 Wikki Stix: Coolest Craft Toy | Little Artist

“Wikki Stix adhere to smooth surfaces, And to each other… With just fingertip pressure, And can easily reused…..No need to use glue at all!!~So easy to play with……”




 Wikki Stix: Happy Kids, Happy Mommy | White Lilly

“Although it is bit sticky, but kids just love it. I just took out plain drawing block, wrote some alphabet on it and asked Akhtar to follow the line using Wikki Stix. At first, she does not get the idea of twisted the stix. But after few samples that I made, she immediately took the whole stick from my hand and started to twist it to form A, B and so on. Even Afzan (the little sister) could not resist and lend some hand.”


 One of a Kind Creatables | Story of Us

“Wikki stix is so flexible. You can shape it any way you like it. You can even bend it and it will stay in good shape. The best thing I like about Wikki Stix, is it stick on paper or any other surface but no on hands! Although it is sticky, it never leave any residue! It’s every mom’s dream! They can roll in on the floor, step on it ah you name it!”




Kids Busy Bag – Wikki Stix Tons of Fun Travel Kit | Sakura Haruka

“I like that it inspires Lil Pumpkin’s creativity like Play-Doh {which she loves as well} to mould and build things, but it’s not as heavy / bulky to bring out, and it won’t dry if left out too long since it’s made of wax. Plus, it’s less of a mess!”




 Shape, Stick, Play and Learn | MummyMoo

“This product was designed to keep kids entertained. Being lightweight and handy, it also means that it can be packed and carried anywhere.”





Wikki Stix – A Review | Dominique’s Desk

“Wikki Stixs are certainly mess free and much more friendly to use then traditional playdough. They really make good filler activities for the kids on a rainy day.”



 Twistable, Stickable, Buildable, Playable One-of-a-kind Creatables! | Beanie N Us

“In our household, I always try to look for ways to encourage / invite free play. While one would think play is play but after taking into consideration things such as product safety, “flexibility” etc., it sometimes narrows our choices. When Dumpling and I were invited to review Wikki Stix, I thought ‘why not? Especially when I am trying to look for safe materials / resources where I can leave her to it while I potter around with my chores. Importantly, it must be something which is flexible (pun not intended!) to allow her to imagine and create!”


 Party Fun with Wikki Stix | The Bottomsup Blog

“Wikki Stix are essentially very sticky sticks, which you can twist, bend, and join together to form, well, just about anything you want. This was definitely a party hit. Sure they’re sticky, but these sticks don’t leave a mess the way Play-Doh does.”


Fun For All Ages | Weiz Journey

“When I first heard about it, I was skeptical whether K would enjoy it, as it seems to be designed more for younger children. K really enjoys creating stuff out of play-doh and plasticine though, so I thought it’s worth receiving a sample of the Stix to try.

Boy, was I wrong! Not only did I get at least an hour of independent playtime and an unleashing of the wild creativity beast in K, I enjoyed it very much myself too!”



Stix-ky Shapes and Letters | The Musings of Mother Kao

“Wikki Stix are yarn-like sticks for creative play made in the States that’s totally safe, non-toxic and allergy-free.”




 Wikki Stix | Mamamie’s Thots

“Wikki Stix is One-of-a-Kind Creatables award winning original waxed yarn creativity toy. It is safe, non-toxic, allergy-free and safe for children 3 years & above.”




 Sweet and Simple | 3 Princes And A Princess 2

 “Wikki Stix are an amazingly versatile teaching great for children Pre-K through Middle School, offering virtually mistake-free learning. They adhere to most smooth surfaces and can be easily peeled up and repositioned for corrections. A perfect re-usable creative educational tool for children of all ages!”



 Wikki Stix Make Learning Fun | Home School Science for Every Kid

WIKKI STIX are for the young at heart. I volunteer at a nursing home and they are perfect for fun, easy, clean craft projects. Of course kids love them.”




 Wikki Stix as Learning Tools | Guilt-Free HomeSchooling

“Does your hands-on learner need a new challenge? Try using Wikki Stix as manipulatives. The sticking-together aspect makes them wonderful learning tools, because they will also stay where you put them, and you can put them just about anywhere.”




 A Teacher’s Review | Squidoo.com

Wikki Stix are inexpensive, reusable, easy to store, and they stick to just about anything without making a mess.”






A Great Innovation in The World of Play | Home School Blog

“Wikki Stix are strings of waxed yarn that provide a huge array of creative and fun things for your children, 3 and up, to create.”


Creative Activities with Wikki Stix | Eighty MPH Mom

“Since we are homeschooling, I’m constantly on the look out for creative ways to teach Charlie. At the age of four, it’s important that her lessons are engaging, constructive, and fun! Wikki Stix takes a hands on approach to creative activities for kids. Sparking their imagination, encouraging them to build, create, and take delight in a well disguised learning tool.”




 Home-school Product Reviews | The Old Schoolhouse

“Who doesn’t love Wikki Stix? They have some practical applications around the house, but their best use is for kids who are visual learners. They are wonderful for art projects but they are also wonderful for learning letters and shapes and even hand-eye coordination.”




 Wikki Stix Review | Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

“Here was a fun, cost effective, no mess and creative way to learn letters, numbers and shapes in a tactile way.”





Bendable Rods for Play & Learning | Home-school Magazines

“Parents and teachers are constantly searching for products that not only will educate children, but will also be a convenient product for a classroom or home. Wikki Stix is a product that covers all of the those bases.”





The Only Pre-K School Supply You’ll Ever Need | Curious Georgi

“When we went to dinner at PF Changs and they passed them out to the kids to play with instead of crayons. They are called Wikki Stix. I think they are fabulous for play and learning.”




 Toy Picks for Planes, Trains and Automobiles | Neighborhood Parents Network

“100% messless & 100% fun for all kids. Wikki Stix stick to anything without glue or mess!  Decorate your car or airplane window, make 3D creations, or use the string to practice your letters or numbers. The possibilities are endless!”




 Five Screen-Free Favourites To Keep Kids Entertained During Long Flights | Travels With Baby

“If you haven’t yet added Wikki Stix  to your travel toolbox, these can be a great activity with no mess or clean up require.”




Behind The Scenes: Flight from Frankfurt to Chicago | Have Tots, Will Travel

“I had Wikki-Stix for the Tots to play with…TurkeyBoy wasn’t really interested in them, but Tootsie played with them on and off for about four hours!  Amazing!  She rolled each piece up and made them into little “snails” and then decided they made a flower garden…it went on and on.  There were even a number of other passengers that were commenting on how long she’d been playing with them.  We will definitely keep those in our travel bag!”



Fun Airplane Activities For Kids | The Baxter Family Blog

“I’m no expert but thought I would pass along a few activities that Sophie (3 years old) likes to do on planes.  For our quick flight to Sacramento I got her Wikki Stix. She seemed to really like these and I found myself getting pretty creative with them. We made people, rings, bracelets, shapes and lollipops.”

10 Quiet Travel Toys for Kids |SuiteTrip.com

“Whether you’re jammed into the 25th row of a jetliner, sitting in a nice restaurant, or relaxing in your hotel room, there comes a time on every family vacation when you really need your kids to be quiet. While it’s occasionally fine to let them watch a DVD or play on your iPhone, sometimes it’s good to offer them something a little more low-tech too (as long as it’s quiet, compact, and non-messy). “