Wikki Stix Big Count Box


Wikki Stix Big Count Box

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468 Wikki Stix in 13 colors, all packaged in a flip-top “cigar-styled” box!

Product Description

468 Wikki Stix in 13 colors!

Packaged in a flip-top “cigar-styled” box that’s fun to decorate with Wikki Stix and use for storage. All Wikki Stix are 6-inch long. Includes 12-page fun booklet of Kids Arts & Kids Crafts ideas, plus several colorful project sheets. Great for class projects, teaching Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and more. Perfect for easy, clean craft activities too!

Wikki Stix are colorful pieces of yarn coated with wax that allows you to bend it, twist it and stick to any smooth surface.

Endlessly re-usable and mess-free , Wikki Stix is perfect for kids crafts, and as an educational and learning tool.  It’s also great as a travel toy and for keeping kids busy during meal times and road trips too!


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