Wikki Stix Oceans of Fun Kit

Wikki Stix Oceans of Fun Kit


Make fish mobiles, decorate cut-out fishes and create underwater scenes!

Product Description

This kit has educational info about fish throughout!


  • 48 Wikki Stix
  • Two large underwater scenes, one maze and one matching game to complete with Wikki Stix
  • Four colorful cutout tropical fish plus 2 dowels to make a tropical fish mobile

Wikki Stix are colorful pieces of yarn coated with wax that allows you to bend it, twist it and stick to any smooth surface.

Endlessly re-usable and mess-free , Wikki Stix is perfect for kids crafts, and as an educational and learning tool.  It’s also great as a travel toy and for keeping kids busy during meal times and road trips too!


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