By Adeline Woo

Wikki Stix and Storytelling

Storytelling with Wikki Stix

Children can use Wikki Stix for storytelling and retelling of their favorite books.  

For younger children:  create a variety of Wikki Stix summer-related items and place them in a bowl or basket.  The children can pick out items they wish to use to tell a story.  

Older children may wish to create their own story pages or books.  What is happening in the photo above?  Have the children share their stories and creations with each other.  It is a wonderful literacy activity! 

Extension idea:  Take the Wikki Stix outside and have the children create their stories on the sidewalk or playground!   It is a fun alternative to sidewalk chalk!

Wikki Stix Storytelling Outdoors


Source: The Preschool Tool Box

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