Fall is an exciting time for kids! For both children and adults, the anticipation of cooler weather and special holidays create a longing for family togetherness. Crafting, especially through the sense of touch, evokes strong memories in children. Children will often remember making a craft long after a special holiday or season has passed.



Materials needed: Brown Wikki Stix (to create the tree), white paper, paintbrushes, paper plates or paint trays, and watercolors or watered down tempera paint.

Have the children create any kind of tree desired with the brown Wikki Stix on white paper. Have the children paint watercolors over the Wikki Stix created tree. Allow the trees to dry thoroughly before removing the Wikki Stix (see photo below).


The watercolor trees make fabulous fall displays at home or in the classroom!

Download the hand drawn leaf template here

Materials needed: leaf templates (linked above), scissors, assorted fall colors of Wikki Stix, and assorted items for decorating the leaves: candies, sticks, leaves, nuts, beans, acorn caps, other nature items, or cereals.

Print the leaves template and have the children cut out the leaf they wish to design (younger children will need assistance cutting out the leaf template). Set out assorted Wikki Stix for the children to outline the leaf template and randomly place in the white areas of the leaf (see photo below).


The children can use any items desired to decorate the leaves. The Wikki Stix will act as glue to adhere the chosen items to the leaves.

Examples of decorated leaves:

Confetti Leaves


Cereal and Bean Mosaic Leaf


The leaves can be hole-punched and hung from the ceiling with Super Wikki Stix!

We hope that your family will enjoy special moments together creating fun Wikki Stix crafts this fall!