Animal Crafts for Kids

Wikki Stix really are endlessly re-usable. No matter how many times they are manipulated, placed, removed or repositioned, they retain their ability to twist, bend and stick. With just a touch of a fingertip, Wikki Stix magically adhere to each other making 3-D crafting a snap!

Perfect for kid craft activities of all kinds. For hands-on fun and creativity, try these fun 3-D kids crafts. For most of the creations shown here, a styrofoam core was used, wrapping the Wikki Stix around it, to start the process.

Wikki Stix Educational Toys conform to ASTM D-4236, the safety standard for use in the schools. Safe, non-toxic and made in the USA!

A Tall Giraffe
With Wikki Stix, this Tall Giraffe is a fun, colorful and a mess-free kids craft activity!

A Proper Penguin
Try creating different bow ties and other fun accessories for your proper penguin!

Another fun Dinosaur craft idea for kids. Create an Arrhinoceratops!

Purple Dinosaur
Kids love Dinosaurs! With a little imagination, and Wikki Stix, the kids can create a Dinosaur craft like this!

Pink Hippo Craft Idea
A colorful and creative Hippo. Create a Glow in the Dark Hippo. There are lots of possibilities with Wikki Stix.

Colorful Planet
Anyone can create a colorful planet like this! A fun and educational craft activity for kids.

Ladybug Love
We love Ladybugs and you’ll have fun creating your own ladybug craft!

Awesome Turtle
Be creative – mix colors for a different look! Remember, Wikki Stix are a mistake free craft material!

Buzzin’ Bee Craft
Design your own Bee! It’s a fun and educational craft project at home or in the classroom!

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