Modern Teaching Aids

Wikki Stix can be used right on the pages of a book, or poetry card, or poster paper and leave no mark when removed.

They are an ideal teaching tool highlighting parts of speech, punctuation marks, digraphs, rhyming words and more. Use one color for each concept. It’s exciting to bring a story to life by creating a diorama or story web.

Hands on learning with Wikki Stix help reinforce the message of the story. Wikki Stix Educational Toys are Perfect for Homeschoolers, Teachers, Grandparents, & Moms! See all our Learning Toys and Educational Products.

A Story Web
Build a Story Web with Wikki Stix! Hands on learning with Wikki Stix help reinforce the message of the story.

Underline Verbs
Underline verbs and more. Make learning fun with Wikki Stix!

Catch a Little Rhyme
Underline rhyming words in a matching color.

Illustrate Charlotte’s web with a fun 3-D diorama.

Story Elements
An easy way to remember the five elements of a story.

Circle Digraphs
Use Wikki Stix right on a poetry card.

Verbs & Prepositions 
Highlight parts of speech by underlining verbs in one color and prepositions in another.

Circle punctuation marks, using a different color for each type.

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