Science Projects for Kids

Wikki Stix give science hands-on excitement that makes learning fun! The perfect teaching tool for the classroom — easy to use for making cross-sections and diagrams and are virtually mistake-free.

Create a Worker Bee, Digestive System, Volcano, Parts of a Tooth, Cell Division and much more! Versatile Wikki Stix adhere to poster board with just fingertip pressure, and can be easily peeled up and repositioned to make corrections.

Science students can work individually, or together as part of cooperative learning activities.

Wikki Stix Educational Toys are safe, non-toxic and made in the USA! Wikki Stix conform to ASTM D-4236, the safety standard for use in schools.

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Digestive System

Parts of a Tooth


Flower Cross Section

Continental Drift
Demonstrate Continental Drift by showing each continent in a different color and the stages of the breakup.

Worker Bee

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