Social Studies Crafts for Kids

Wikki Stix are a creative educational tool that makes teaching Social Studies fun!

Teaching social studies starts in elementary school and Wikki Stix can help introduce children to history, geography, culture and other aspects of social studies at an early age. Create a World Map, learn more about the world’s explorers, and much more.

Wikki Stix are the perfect educational tool for teachers in the classroom. Fun and Educational. See all our Learning Toys and Teaching Tools.

Wikki Stix Educational Toys are safe, non-toxic and made in the USA! Wikki Stix conform to ASTM D-4236, the safety standard for use in schools.

World Map
Create a 3D World Map with Wikki Stix and make learning fun!

Growth of a Nation
Learn History… show the growth of your nation by outlining each of the additions and acquisitions in a different color.


Wikki Stix Social Studies Craft Products